When we think of life we tend to limit ourselves to the human experience and neglect the universe of life that can be found even in a single drop of water. Life is defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary in its fourth definition as a, “Spiritual Existence transcending physical death”. So now we encounter the roadblock of spirituality but don’t worry the complexities of it all are simpler than you think. Think of it this way, If you go outside right now and just stand there and close your eyes. You will begin to feel and hear the wind blow by you, you will hear the birds chirping making beautiful melodies, and you’ll even hear the occasional dog bark; you will hear nature’s music. When we are walking around normally we do not hear all these sounds all at once, we just feel the wind one moment and in the next hear the dogs. We fail to realize everything is everything.


Not many know of the fibonacci spiral and it’s consistency in all living things. From the pattern found in our eyes, to the blooming flowers in your backyard, to how universes and galaxies spiral in outer space. When we take a second to step outside of ourselves and this human experience and “wake up and live” we start to appreciate life on a different level of consciousness. Life itself is just an experience, considering we know that we are spiritual beings only here temporarily; so what will you do with your life?IMG_1665.jpg

Some will spend their life in capitalism only worrying about how the next bill will be paid and what they should buy next. The next person may dedicate their life to religion and worship their god(s). Then you have people like myself who refuse to be defined by religion and capitalistic agendas. People who choose to be spiritual, and no I am not talking about being a hippie! I’m talking about people like Ethiopia’s bahtawi, or like Rastafarians, or even like Buddhist monks. People who realize that there’s more to life when you realize there is more life when you look into yourself rather than searching beyond you. People who realize it is time to stop running from yourself.


So now you might be wondering what the purpose of this post is, it serves as a wake up call. Today I come with a challenge from you all, a challenge for my supporters from Brazil to India all the way to loyal supporters in Kenya and Germany. I challenge you all to become life. I challenge you to wake up with a new perspective. The perspective that will make you question if it is necessary to kill that fly that flew into you house, the perspective that makes you think twice before you scold your child, the perspective that allows you to stand in love rather than falling in it. I challenge you to do what I did, go for a walk feel the wind, hear the birds chirp, see the ants working together as one and appreciate that we are all one. From the little spec of dust floating in space to that one annoying family member; we are one.


How will you transcend physical death while you are still on Earth? How will you look mortality in its eyes without fear? How will you live? Remember to live righteously and everything else will become second nature. For when you lead a righteous path you have the creator by your side; no matter what you believe that creator is. It is always with you, in you, of you. Everything is everything my friends.



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