This is a generational pain

A crook in my back from the slave chains

Stress and trauma still in my veins

All I see is blood stained all over these grains

This is a generational pain

We are the seed of those who weren’t slain

We are thee who are with pain

Who are thou to mock my pain

You can’t conceptualize this pain

I can’t even feel it till I stand in the rain

I won’t hear till I see that plane

I won’t see it till that midnight train

This is a generational healing

My people, well we’re above the glass ceiling

Problem is we can’t see our own culture stealing

We can’t understand that this isn’t just feeling

It’s a generational pain

We have to return to the root

We have to seek wisdom and truth

I see that the colonies can’t refute

Because even they know I am He; is the root

This is a generational pain

Moving forward I don’t want to regain

I want to start a new with no more pain

No more generational pain

No more rusty chains

I want to bear the rain

Generational Pain

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