Remember when we were human?
Free to think about whatever we want
Remember when you were human?
Before religion and politics plagued every thought
Remember when you were human?
After creation just before birth
Do you remember this clean Earth?

Before greed and pollution
Do you remember our planet?

Before we needed a solution
Do you remember how to live?
Take a deep breath

You’ll remember this when you can’t live

When the trees are burning tumbling down

When the waters start rising and you sink, not swim

Will you remember the bottle on the ground?

Will you still defend your job when there’s nothing left to drill?

Will you remember this during the next oil spill?

What will it take for you not to kill?

Not yourself but the world around you?

How long before you’re doing more than good harm putting animals in the zoo?

Do you remember when you were human!

Innocent free of thought, do you remember humanity?

No?, that’s what I thought


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