There’s four days left then we change history forever! Remember to educate yourselves on the candidates and measures on the ballot! Women’s rights, Social justice, and Environmental justice all are in jeopardy if you don’t vote! 

10 years..just 10 years is all we have to take care of our planet before it’s too late! What are you going to do to help the fight against climate change? Irreversible changes will happen meaning our children and grandchildren won’t live in the same world we did. Think about it

All it literally takes is you learning to recycle or you refusing to use plastic bags at grocery stores or you refusing to smoke cigarettes that ultimately end up in our oceans or it can be you who puts your foot down to Exxon. Take control of your future. Vote Nov. 6…

And if you don’t vote you can’t complain when you start to realize that it’s winter and it’s still hot outside….

Vote November 6th if you have the right to, this is arguably the most important election of our modern history.

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