I’m not scared anymore, well I hope not!

Growing up I had many irrational fears that have spanned from being afraid of the dark, running from bees and wasps, and of course the very realistic fear of stingrays. But, there was always one thing that I left under the rug.

There is one thing that we all fall to, a single action that we can’t run from. So, if you guessed death then you are right. My biggest fear for the longest time was death. “But Charles why be afraid of something you can’t prevent?” well that is exactly why, I don’t have control over my expiration date. The fear of not knowing is very crippling. Just think about it, when you take a test that you are unsure about the stress kills you. What about when your kid hasn’t called you to tell you they’re home. Stress kills us all ultimately.

Luckily I found a way to bypass almost everyone of my fears! There is only two things you must do to eliminate every fear you may have. First, you must acquire a BIBLE, Quran, torah, etc. Secondly, we have the most important step, you now must read it! I know what your thinking, ” Charles this isn’t bible study” but you have to realize God (the same undivided God throughout all world religions) has placed dominion in our [your] hands.

We have the power to live our lives peacefully, because we have the world greatest insurance. We are covered by God [God, Allah, Yahweh, Jah]. As my pastor says, “No prayer, no power. Little prayer, little power. Much Prayer, much power!” Speak peace into existence.

Next time you come across your irrational fear of the dark or of the menacing wasp, remember God created all creatures and that you who are created in his image, have dominion over them all.

-Live Righteously-

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