Designed and Created by Charles Barjon

Many people do not know about the mystery of Chakras. Especially when we talk about how they can help us in our daily lives. When you look back into the ancient world and research the ancient Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs and even modern day cultures in Asia and Africa we see the use of chakras to heal the body.

Now, there are seven main chakras each one has a specific role in your body. You may ask yourself, “well aren’t you going to explain it” and to that I answer no. Discovering the background of all major religions and figuring out the world of chakras yourself can be very eye-opening. Before you go into this research I ask for you to keep an open mind.

This isn’t just another hippie tactic I’m using to wake you up this is what our world is made out of. When scientists zoom in on plant cells and even our own cells in our human bodies the basic shape of a Chakra is found. Intellectuals describe it as ” scared geometry” or also widely known as ” the flower of life”.

Visit Spirit Science on YouTube to learn more:

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