Now that we are living in a time of rapidly changing developments many ask, why is education important? I answer in saying, that education is the key to success that opens doors for the minds of youth across the Nation. Education is a fundamental building block, that allows people to climb to new heights. Without it there will be no way to break the glass ceiling of racism, sexism, and ignorance. Being that I am an educator, I have found that the knowledge I am providing to my students has changed their lives. Education is something we can not take lightly, it is the difference between being homeless and successful.

In my life I’ve seen the effects of a strong Educational Foundation. Luckily I am privileged enough to be a part of school district that is profound. But I know people who are brought up in Educational Systems that are subpar. The contrast in our Intellectual ability is frightening, there is no reason why people who are the same age have drastically different lesson plans in their schools. Education is an universal tool that can be utilized to make a difference in this world. Our world leaders must understand that the youth of their Nation will be the future of their Nation. The only way to ensure that the future of our society is in strong hands is with the use of Education.

All in all, education is more than important for the minds of the mindless. For the ignorant child who can’t read or write. Education is the foundation for all nations and tongues of people, it is an universal language that transcends borders of hatred. To understand that education is the ultimate weapon against hate and bigotry is to have an understanding of the world. Educate yourself in the gospel of God, in the arithmetic, in the language arts. Education is essential to the progression of man, woman, and child. Knowledge is power, education is wisdom, and understanding is life.


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