People have such a huge issues excepting Rastafari as if it’s a pagan religion or culture, they always want to say the Rastas see His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie as God when they don’t. Selassie is seen as the second coming of Jesus Christ by most Rastas, because of the lineage the Bible and history books prescribe. If Christians who’ve turned Muslim can believe in Muhammad coming after Jesus Christ, what’s holding them back from accepting His Imperial Majesty? Is it the fact that he is a black man. Or is it that he himself didn’t acknowledge his “divinity”. This is why many Rastas such as Chronixx and other memebers apart of the “ twelve tribes..” deviation say Rastafari is a culture and a way of life rather than a religion.

Rasta is More than smoking herb, listening to Bob Marley, and growing dreadlocks. Rasta is a way to live. Eating healthy and meditating daily. Having the one on one relationship people long to have with God.

Rasta Livity!

Am I and Rastaman or am I Christian, I answer they are the same thing.

Jah Bless

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