This is a re-post of my previous work from August 21. I feel that the poem is relevant again. The poem describes the story of an African Americans journey in faith.

Barjon Publications

It’s about living a true life

A life bound to your culture

Not to destroy family bonds

Not to disappoint grandma

It’s about finding the you

That was stolen on the ship

Finding the you before our families split

Leaving shackles isn’t sin

Staying in them and being pinned is

It’s not about your religion versus mine

It’s not about who you find divine

It’s not about who’s built to God’s design

Only about self guidance and love

Only for world peace

Only to pay respect to the wrongfully deceased

My culture was robbed from me

My skin was torn off me

My hair shaved down

Now I’m building up from the ground

Do you hear that sound?

It’s the bell of revolution

It’s about living my life

Find your own solution.

[stay out of mine]

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