The lowest rung of society only has one home

Holding the immense pressures of each social class

Living up to the standards they gave you

And the rules you must abide

You’re worse than any european man

Who chose to hide when we chose to rise

You are degraded more than any black man

Who sat in a freedom ride

I know it’s a large pill to swallow

What could be more hallow?

An albino woman?

The albino woman is already set above any colored woman

She can’t even follow the trial and carry the load

Yet the black woman is just low

Low enough to fall out of the top

She fights alongside her family

Only to be hushed when she takes a standing

The black woman has reached a new low

Lower than the streets of skidrowe

But what is she?




Bold enough to lay low and let you take hold

Being that she’s the creator of life on earth

She’ll allow you to think the garden man is the start

They often ask what is the lowest you can physically depart

But the farthest mentally you can be apart

I answer in one line

Black women are Divine


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