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Month: August 2017

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Distancing yourself

Distancing yourselfAway from the friends thatKept you from slipping and losing touchKeep fading away and you'll see I'll keep coming your way andFading away with youI always stay true doesn't really Matter if I'm with you Or not I'm here till thatHeart beat stop and you dropBut you keep distancing And reminiscing and pacingYour racing around our world andDon't know […]

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I’m Still Delivered

Allah, God, Yahweh It's all the same thingSame story Same saviorI'm still deliveredThe message you want me to share Is still there Yahweh, Allah, God The world is oddYour lessons of love never reach Your false prophets never teachGod your kingdom is fallingAllah your people are risingYahweh your message is still trueThat love is what we must doLord let be […]

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Let The Spirit Move You

May the spirit move in you The divine authorities grace all through you May God’s love nest in your soul May his love make you bold Through him you can hold on To all the memories you’ll look back on May the spirit move you May the fruit of the spirit feed you God bless your soul And mark you […]