1. I’ve got rage and hate building up inside
  2. I’ve got dead bodies piling up on the side
  3. I’ve got a relay of mental suicide
  4. And
  5. You’ve got a friend in need
  6. You’ve got the eyes that can’t see
  7. You’ve got someone who really car
  8. Only if you were there
  9. You’ve got to see the real me inside
  10. You have to understand why I cry
  11. There nothing to deny 
  12. I was put in this earth to die
  13. Your nation thrived
  14. Off of wear my old body lies
  15. You see I’ve been dead in the head for four hundred years
  16. And now that I’m awake the systems in tears
  17. Can you handle this information in your ears
  18. I said my people have been bonded for years
  19. Do you feel the same tears
  20. Can you feel the sun beating on your back
  21. How it feels to be under attack
  22. Culturally, spiritually, mentally too
  23. It’s all up to you
  24. Do you wish to see a better world
  25. A place for your little girls
  26. Or a place for your young men
  27. A place removed of all sin
  28. Can you tell me why I’m dead
  29. Six feet under that covers my head
  30. I hope you feel this thread 
  31. Because in three seconds your about to wed
  32. One, two, three there it is 
  33. Now your married to my messages 

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