1. I overthink most things
  2. Constantly rethinking reality 
  3. Are these thoughts a liability 
  4. Thinking can become a vitality 
  5. I think of equality 
  6. A world of streets without pity
  7. A world where kids don’t have to get gritty 
  8. I picture a world of hospitality
  9. I overthink most things 
  10. Mental harm is only normal 
  11. Yet these thoughts are subnormal 
  12. These thoughts are only nocturnal 
  13. Are these thoughts abnormal 
  14. Is this poem informal  
  15. Do my poem cause you to be isothermal 
  16. My words exothermal
  17. I’m primal in my poems its survival
  18. I overthink most things 
  19. Yeah this poem lacks tone
  20. This poem is usual
  21. A poem without direction
  22. Conceived without a notion
  23. Literature over planned
  24. I overthink most things 


  1. My name is Kathaleen Tillyard but everybody calls me Kathaleen.
    I’m from France. I’m studying at the high school (final year) and I play the
    French Horn for 10 years. Usually I choose music from my famous films
    I have two brothers. I love Tai Chi, watching TV (Two and a Half
    Men) and Stone collecting.

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