Post MortemIn the distance post-mortem reeks in the air 

The mother’s eyes at a distance stare

 The mans melanated arm bent at 90 degrees you can see the other boys stuck at “freeze”

 Get on the ground go on your knees don’t look at me boy don’t even breathe

 I’m here to seize all of your rights, I’ll be damned if you tried to fight 

Legs bent to 70 degrees torso deflated nostrils flared and butt in the air 

 Why didn’t you listen to me boy I told you to get on the ground and you did I told you with your hands up and you did I told you to be quiet and you did I called you boy and you called me sir

 So I just had to shoot you; I see no issue of that 

And the Mother said

 “I’m sick of this combat

 I’m sick of this war that’s white and black

 Why are we constantly under attack

 Not even giving the tools to fight back

Thats the knowledge that you lack

You’re so blind you don’t recognize your attacking me cause i’m BLACK

Yeah Black 


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