There once lived a man who lived life at lowThis man never experienced life to even know

It’s the seed that he sowed

That allowed him to be called Jim Crow

We all know of Mr. Crow but is he dead

His message is still widespread

In our nation’s figureheads


I dread the day when my brother ask of Crow

And I’ll say, “ Brother its was a day when America hit a new low”

They didn’t know how to deal

A situation was arising it got real

They had to deal with a sleeping giant

And in every way she was defiant

She let Crow know his days were numbered

Right before she sent him into a deep slumber

For years it stayed that way

Until one day he arose from the grave

Today we see the kin of Jim

People who actually claim to know him

Running around calling everyone boy

I don’t know how long I can take it because I’m getting annoyed

By this little kid calling me boy

The boy with no knowledge raped of his purity

Now they walk around calling everyone “needy”

When I’m doing nothing but feeding

The mind of the invisible

So they are able to take down the scarecrows of life

So they can fight with words not a knife

Life we all know

Has high and low roads

These are all issue that we all know

And that’s the life story of Jim Crow


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