I’m right here but your out of state

Now I’m irate 

How could this be my fate

I took you on how many dates?

But your still looking out of state 


Repress my progress 

It’s going to take a congress

To hold you on your mess

Our loves like a game of chess 

Don’t know where to go right or left

Your in Arizona and Indiana but you won’t stay in my love cabana

Texas and California state the only place where we relate

But your outta state 

And I’m right here 

You might as well pull me by the ear

Now I’m in fear

And I’m hiding the humiliation all these people are riding 

On your emotions because they weren’t there to see you 

When you were down and blue

But your outta state 

You’re outta of your falling slate because I picked you up and you couldn’t wait

To fall again 

Over and over 

Until one day I don’t come over

And you’ll wonder why what happened to the perfect guy 

The one that always had you in his eye

But you denied him

And wasted him

Physically and mentally 

Now he’s right in front of you for you to see

That it’s me

I was there 

Not him

Not her

No one else but me

Was there to see


You can’t feel this bond between you and me 


Just set me free 

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