Why is it only when we get close and the passions in the air you want to push me away. It’s almost like your afraid, the whole community notices your foolery but you just say, “oh he’s cool with me”. I wonder at times if you know what your actively doing. Do you understand no one can ever love you like me. Not any man or women can fill you with glee. That’s only me the holder of your heart. I guess since your a Leo and I’m a Virgo you think it can’t happen. The horoscopes have you expecting something you’ll never have. I’m ten toes down but your still looking up, sometimes I wonder if I should just give up. You’ve never seen me cry because you’ve never gave me a chance to. You’ve never seen my pain  cause I won’t let you. You see I too take fault in the delay of our hearts, I too take part in the river keeping us apart. This is just letter to you reminding you of who cares and just incase someone else even dares; With eyes to hear and ears to see this is a love that was meant to be. I wish you would challenge me.

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