Why is our love like an emoji

Something that’s only temporary

Something meant to dull pain

Something that you can’t tame

Why is our love like an emoji

Might as well put my heart in a cemetery

You make me want to bury the world in flames

But you know I can’t claim you

You walk around acting like I’m someone knew

I’ve been the only one behind you

I guess to you I’m just old news

I really do speak the truth to you

But all you do is screw- me

Now my heart is hurting and aching

We might as well be evacuating this friendship

Nothing but a straight rip

Of heart strings and cerebral love

Nothing but a quick tug

Light out

Got me hanging

Couldn’t take it no more

You had me waiting

Suicidal is what is was

But let talk about what we never was

We never was a couple

We never was #goals

Because all you did was dig holes in my heart

So it’s not my fault

You tore us apart

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