Pouring Love into an broken glass drags you further into a dark abyss of emotion

Emotions and trials and the tribulations of life and love and death and hate

It all feels the same when your blind to your own faults you can’t stop it anymore

I can’t stop pouring love into your bottomless pit of a heart

You’ve consumed me emotionally, spirituality, mentality I’m fixated on you

I thought it was you the one the answer to my question the key to the heart of stone

No I was wrong this pit has no bottom nothing can accumulate nothing stays

I just pay in to your game of lust and false trust I was fooled, you find me a fool?

Just a joker in your court of “friends” I’m another drawing another chapter closed

Who Knows why the glass has no bottom only you do

But you refuse to notice the bottoms gone

I am the bottom

But you don’t want me

Or need me

Like I



-Charles Barjon

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