Got me hanging on a tree and it’s not even three yet….

They wonder why we yell “Black Lives Matter” when they’re over there making  all that chatter about how blue lives and all lives matter but how could all lives matter when black lives don’t even exist.

Look no harm no foul, I’m nothing but a peace solider in Gods army who will stay on the battle field till my duty is done. But, I won’t stop until the dream is complete living in peace and harmony…

You can’t be even on my level of thought I’m talkin about these real issues and your focusing on how  Mrs trump stole a speech.

Bang shot down another black male’s on the ground but you won’t do a thing you just all about the “G thing” man a real man would get up and stand up for what’s right

Don’t know why I’m wasting my time on closed minds

But the future is in our hands

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