Recently the United States of America experienced one of the worst attacks on a group of people in our History,  Since 9/11 america has blamed Islam and terrorist groups for the killing of groups of people. But that is where you need to wake up, it is the single person who we should blame, not religion and sexual identity. Innocent people like Trayvon Martin don’t deserve to die because of his skin color. Since  2012 the attack on ethnicity, religion, and ways of thought have increased to a point of Civil war. The USA the greatest Nation on the WORLD is crumbling at its core quest for Liberty and Justice. With potential candidates like Donald Trump and Mrs. Clinton fighting over common sense. When you decide to wake up and come face to face with the fact that that were not in tact a dyeing power. Following in the footsteps of the roman empire. But who ignited this fire this desire for pain that reigns and governs for all days.

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