Life an endless void searching for happiness shattered by social status. Love,anger,passion nests in my soul. Trying to keep hold of what’s left. The world we live in shattered by passion bound by love created with anger. How do you survive. The power of God holding me together but how do I breathe this corrupt air that’s cursed by inequality and lust. Following my commandments if I must. Hardened by experience, softened by love. Dangerous is who I am, not by choice. Not my voice compelled by the entity that drives my soul. What drives the rhythm that pumps through my veins, the roots that stained America’s grains, but still remains. For years I’ve been fooled by the system trying to be cooled they tried to destroy me. I come to thee on my corrupt knees asking to revive love and peace. Oh lord bless me. So I can see your dream you want for me to pursue only you but then I knew what to do. So I drew the picture for you. God Allah Yahweh show me the way to a better day.

– Charles Barjon II 


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