That American dream that I tried to see when I breathe the corrupt O2 that made me believe in what I can do. This world I live in corrupted by anger and lust but I must keep pushing with the power of God that resides in me. Stopped and dropped down the social ladder trying to climb up only to be pushed away judge down yeah I see the American Dream isn’t for me. For  my mind is too strong and won’t stand being battered against the ignorance of the white sin. Roots, the bond the heritage that binds us together keeps our minds tethered on one thing. Africa matters, we matter, you matter, black lives matter so stop the chatter with all of these racist dis. We gotta get back to the basis. Loving peacefully in harmony that’s what we need but the war isn’t over. God,  Allah who cares what we call him we look to him when we’re crawling in the depth of sin whose gonna win…

It’s for you to decide don’t be tempted by the power of men.

-Charles Barjon II

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